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M.G.Sharp Models Home Page > Products > N Scale Track > Peco Code 55 N Scale Finescale Track. > Peco SLE-383-F Scissors Crossing Electro Frog.

Peco Code 55 N Scale Finescale Track.

Peco SLE-383-F Scissors Crossing Electro Frog.

Peco SLE-383-F Scissors Crossing Electro Frog.

Peco Code 55 Scissors Crossing.

  • Radii; 18" (457mm).
  • Angle; 10°.
  • Point Length; 10-11/16 (271mm).
  • Electro Frog.
  • It Requires a 4 Pole Double Throw Switch. (PL-21).
  • Wooden Sleepered.

    Pack Contains 1 pc.

    Insul Frog v's Electro Frog Points.

    All Peco Points Come With Power Routing; This Is Where The Power Is "Routed" Down The Track That The Point Blades Have Been Switched Too. I.e. A Left Hand Point Is Thrown To The Left, The Straight Section Is Isolated, And The Left Junction Is Now Powered.

    • Electro Frogs & Normal DC Operation.

      • Peco "Electro Frog" Points Are Very DC Friendly.
      • "Electro Frog Points Are a little more complicated to wire in to your layout, but once the "Basic Concept" Is Understood Then they become very straight forward.
      • The "Basic Concept" of Wiring points is always to feed the "Toe" of the point & Isolate After the frog, Then Add Extra Feeds to both Routes.
      • Important Note; Do not feed back into the frog.

    • Electro Frogs & DCC.

      • Peco "Electro Frog" Points Are Totally DCC Friendly.
      • What You Can Do With Electro Frog Points Is Set Up "Power Routing Options", This Is Where You Can Have Power Going Down "Both" Routes Of The Point & You Can Have The Frogs Live Or Dead.
      • I Have Found This Excellent Page That Covers "How To Wire Points For DCC Operation" In Great Detail. Click Here To Read It.


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